First blog post!

Hello, Everyone! I am so excited to be posting my very first post. Well…not technically first, but my first one on this new site.

My latest project is a car seat poncho for my youngest. The weather has finally turned cold here and it has dropped down to the teens over the weekend so I knew it was time to stop procrastinating and get this done. I bought the fleece for this project from Joann’s during their Black Friday sale (love a good sale) and used the free tutorial that I found on another blog. Here is the link to the tutorial I used Car Seat Poncho Pattern.

The original pattern uses a fleece lining and a linen fabric for the outside. I decided to do a double layer of fleece because it gets really cold here. I am also hoping to make it reversible but we will see what happens. I have all the pieces cut out and ready to assemble for tomorrow.


I am using the blue plaid fleece fabric as my outside and the solid black fleece fabric as my lining.

Author: sillahbonetime

Stay at home mom of two boys. I enjoy baking, sewing, reading, and knitting...not always in that order.

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